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84 Icons... [Jan 11, 2007 * 2:57pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

That is if you count all of the alternative versions of the icons and there is a lot. If you cannot tell what the difference is between them then well... I guess you need glasses or I am just crazy.

Well anyway I feel bad. I have not made icons for such a long time now and I think that I have forgotten how to, oh dear. So I hope you like these icons that I do finally bring you, they are a bit plain and all the same but my god, I do not remember icon making being so bloody hard to do.

32 - 07-Ghost (Spoliers if you are not at Chapter 6)
31 - Air Gear (Spoliers if you are not at Chapter 120 or later)
o9 - D.Gray-Man (Spoliers maybe if you are not past chapter 101)
o5 - Kirsche
o7 - Nabari no Ou

you make me want to break out in song but everytime i try it just comes out wrong...Collapse )

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requests [Jan 8, 2007 * 1:17am]

[ mood | bored ]

Eheheh, nothing since October. WELL. Since there needs to be some activity, I'm going to say hit me up with an image or two, some preferences (borders, textures, text, sorry no animating, shareable, et cetera), and you can have yourself an icon. Or five. I'm in a rut. =/ I guess this post will be open until I can't handle any more requests or something. I'll edit this post when that happens. Have at you, then.

(I'm context by the way. imitations's the more talented one :x)

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40 icons [Oct 22, 2006 * 12:31pm]

Mmkay, so school? Mugged me in an alleyway and left me with nothing but an empty wallet and several million page essays. I have yet to recover full use of my spleen.

In the meantime, have some icons. And a resource post. :3

Video Games [28]
[04] Final Fantasy XIII
[24] Kingdom Hearts

Comic Books [12]
[11] Runaways
[01] Young Avengers

i can do the robocopCollapse )

Textless icons are not bases. Crediting context or precipice_icons is preferred. Do NOT edit anything. Comment, and feel free to friend us. And finally, don't forget to enjoy. :3
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92 icons [Aug 27, 2006 * 4:01pm]

[ mood | procrastinatey ]

Resources, icon table generator, and a bunch of icons~ However, only 28 of them are anything even remotely new. ^_^;

New [28]
[16] Final Fantasy XIII
[02] Magna Carta
[01] Runaways
[01] X-Men
[08] Young Avengers

but you weren't happy the day i watched you goCollapse )

Old [64]
[02] Cardcaptor Sakura
[02] D N Angel
[03] Fullmetal Alchemist
[01] Howl's Moving Castle
[02] Neon Genesis Evangelion
[02] Final Fantasy X
[11] Kingdom Hearts II
[01] The Legion
[09] Runaways
[20] Young Avengers
[10] Firefly
[01] Veronica Mars

but not our last days of silence, screaming, blurCollapse )

Textless icons are not bases. Please credit (context or precipice_icons), and do not edit anything. Comment, and feel free to friend us. And finally, don't forget to enjoy. :3

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27 Icons [Jul 26, 2006 * 1:59pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Back with some icons, I have not been in an icon making mood so much... I hope I'll get into an icon mood soon so I can post more up here. Icon table generator used.

[o9] 07-Ghost

[o3] Marvel Characters (Shadowcat, Storm and Phoenix)

Video Games
[o2] Kingdom Hearts 2

[o9] Real People
[o4] Ball Joint Dolls

Heavenly fire only resides on an altar made from the ground...Collapse )

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27 icons [Jul 10, 2006 * 9:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Resources, icon table generator, spoilers for the latest issue of Young Avengers (codenames and costumes only, really).

Young Avengers [27]
[01] Team
[06] Kate Bishop
[01] Kate/Eli
[03] Teddy Altman
[01] Elijah Bradley
[04] Tommy Shepherd
[01] Tommy/Wolverine (XD)
[01] Cassie Lang
[01] Vision 2.0
[04] Billy Kaplan
[04] Teddy/Billy

the sun and moon and stars

let's moseyCollapse )

Textless icons are not bases. Please credit (context or precipice_icons), and do not edit anything. Commenting is what all the cool kids are doing. Feel free to friend us. And finally, don't forget to enjoy. :3

eta: I must have been really out of it last night, since #27 was 101x101 and I didn't even notice. Reuploaded, so please save it again! Sorry about that! ^^;;;;;

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Mood Theme! [Jun 11, 2006 * 7:15pm]

[ mood | well, shit ]

Apparently I have never plugged my Young Avengers moodtheme here! This is a grave oversight, since the damn thing took me forever.


( click for downloads! )

36 icons [Jun 11, 2006 * 2:16am]

[ mood | stressed ]

Hello. Yes, we are still alive. Raine just moved, and I have been super busy with school shit, but yes. Still breathing. Le resources link, and also 77words's icon table generator, are your regularly suggested links. :D Some of the comic book icons might be a bit spoilery for the latest issues and whatnot (Runaways and YA).

Anime/Manga [02]
[02] Black Cat

Video Games [16]
[01] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[02] Final Fantasy XIII
[13] Kingdom Hearts II

Comics [18]
[01] Batgirl Year One
[02] Fables
[06] Runaways
[07] Young Avengers
[02] Young Justice

one of us is leaving soon, but we're both already goneCollapse )

Right. So, the textless icons? Are not bases. Please credit (context or precipice_icons), and do not edit anything. Commenting is also smiled upon. Feel free to friend us? Also. Um. That's all I've got. Enjoy. :3

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Icon Tutorial [Apr 24, 2006 * 5:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


This icon tutorial was requested by soifon.
I use Paint Shop Pro to make my icons, but I believe this can be done in Photoshop too.
This is also my second icon tutorial ever so I hope it is understandable.

How to get to this or that... just like this.Collapse )

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31 Icons [Apr 20, 2006 * 1:53am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I would have made more but I am leaving town tomorrow and wanted to post these before I left. So enjoy! &hearts Also used 77words icon table generator thing. Glad ling posted that link, it saved me.

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts II - 9 (All Roxas)

Madness - 12
D.Gray-Man - 10

Well you may be king for the moment but I am a queen understand...Collapse )

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